When a  successful young artist named Benjamin is involuntarily committed, he is completely baffled, for he doesn’t remember anything about what happened. Life in the psychiatric institute is violent and absurd, but step by step, Benjamin seems to come to grips with himself again. He starts to realize how narcissistic he used to be. When he is released and meets up with his old friends, he is confronted with yet another truth.

Awards & Festivals
Netherlands Film Festival 2016 – Gouden Kalveren nominations for Best Sound Design; Marco Vermaas & team, and Best supporting actress; Monic Hendrickx
Lowlands 2016
Film by the Sea 2016
Noida International Filmfestival India 2017 – Best Film Jury Award
Footcandle International Film Festival, Hickory, VS 2017 – Best Narrative Feature Award

Produced by IJswater Films with the support of Brabant C, CoBO, Netherlands Film Fund, NL Film Production Incentive, BKKC in collaboration with voordekunst.nl, NORMA, Abraham Tuschinski Fund, crowdfunders, and donors.