The Navy was serious business, until Hadiah Tromp came aboard…

The quirky Dutch-Jamaican Hadiah Tromp (21) is the daughter of Navy officer Tromp, who believes his daughter is a perfect fit for the Navy. But Hadiah doesn’t like her Navy training. She prefers to stay at home and listen to her collection of old Ska records. When her boyfriend cheats on her, she decides to finish her Navy training. But Hadiah has difficulties feeling at home in the disciplined and closed environment of the naval frigate and she has constant collusions with the handsome but stern Sergeant Major Paul Borremans. Can the impulsive Hadiah stand tall in the Navy world full of rules? Or is she forced to leave the ship early?

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Awards & Festivals
Honolulu Film Awards, Hawaï 2018 – Award for Best Foreign Film
Five Continent International Film Festival 2018 – Best Comedy Film, Best Production Design, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actress Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor Feature Film, and Best Director Feature Film
Lake View International Film Festival 2018 – Best International Feature Film of the Month and Best Romantic Film of the Month
SFAAF South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2018
Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2018
Queen Palm International Film Festival 2018 – Silver Award for Best Actress – Feature Film and Bronze Award for Best Feature Film – Foreign
Salto Independent Film Festival 2018 – Best Feature Film Narrative