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Isabel Lamberti’s Spanish-language feature film debut LA ÚLTIMA PRIMAVERA (Last Days of Spring), will have its world premiere at the San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 21 and has been selected for the ‘New Directors Competition’.

The film can also be seen this- and next month in a number of French cities, including Paris, in connection with the earlier Cannes Festival ACID selection.

On a national level, LA ÚLTIMA PRIMAVERA will premiere on Thursday October 1 at the Netherlands Film Festival, not only in Utrecht, but the same evening in about 80 other cinemas in the Netherlands! LA ÚLTIMA PRIMAVERA has been selected for the Dutch Academy Awards 2020 and the Forum program at the Netherlands Film Festival.

Spanish co-producer is Madrid based Tourmalet Films.

Benelux distributor Cherry Pickers will release the film in the Dutch cinemas from October 29.

Paris based LOCO FILMS is handling the world sales and international film festivals entries.