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At the Netherlands Film Festival, the feature film THE MAN FROM ROME by Jaap van Heusden was awarded with the Dutch Academy Award / Golden Calf for Best Film Music 2023 (by Minco Eggersman) and was also nominated for the Dutch Academy Award for Best Production Design (Jorien Sont), Best Editing (Jasper Quispel) and Best Sound Design (Marco Vermaas).

The feature film was also nominated for the Forum of Directors Programme in Utrecht.

Then, at the Cinekid Intl. Film Festival in Amsterdam, MAGMA by Luca Meisters was awarded the Best Dutch Short Live Action Award 2023!

Both films are currently travelling the world at prestigious film festivals, THE MAN FROM ROME can also be seen on streaming platforms in the Benelux on Amazon Prime, Picl and Pathé Thuis.