When there is a break-in in her home, interior buyer Helen (38) is in shock. Many of her possessions with which she had dear relationships are taken from her. With this theft, she discovers that she has lost a part of herself that is not easy to replace.

Short film with support of NTR, Dutch Film Fund, NPO-Fund, and CoBo. 

A dutch article with Malu Janssen about ‘pica’, rare eating disorder and also theme in this movie:


STUFF premièred at the Netherlands Film Festival on October 1st 2019.
Palmsprings Shortfest 2020, international competition
SESIFF Seoul Extreme Short Image and Film Festival, Award for best international short,2020
Fickin’ International Film Festival Kinshasa, official selection,2020
Rabat International Author Film Festival, official selection,2020
Leiden International Film Festival, official selection,2020
Raindance Film Festival 2020, official selection in the Gone Astray program,2020
TISFF Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, official selection,2020
Pune Short Film Festival, official selection,2020
International Usak Short Film Festival, official selection,2020
Moscow Shorts ISFF,2020
10th International Filmmaker Festival of New York, 2021, prize for best short film 2021

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