Every day 6-year-old Evi makes a wonderful discovery on the site next to her house, where her parents sell used items in a second-hand store. Grandpa Co also lives on the property. With all the curiosities of the past, Evi and Co experience playful and sometimes touching adventures of today.

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Cinekid Festival 2017
Prix Jeunesse International 2018
Cinema in Sneakers Film Festival for Children and Youth 2018
The Dutch entry for the Kids Emmy’s 2018
The Dutch entry for the Rockie Awards 2018
Norman Film Fest 2018
Cinekid Festival 2018 – Nomination best Dutch Children’s Series, Fiction
35th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2018 Best Live-Action TV (Professional Jury)
Taartrovers Festival 2019

Children’s series by Jeanine Cronie (screenplay) and Hilt Lochten (director). Co-production with KRO-NCRV and with the support of the NPO-fund. Premiere: Cinekid 2017.